In our workshop we redefine the applied arts for the contemporary age. We believe in craftsmanship as a methodology of work, taking care to create and produce beautiful things. A cinematic eye distinguishes our approach: all elements of a project are considered holistically, creating a new world each time.

Rita Asirelli

Explaining her job is no easy task! During the course of her career, Rita has spent her time exploring the language of images in all its forms, both from a theoretical point of view and in more practical ways working on a range of projects encompassing costume design, teaching (video art), filmmaking and interior design. She wrote books and essays on aesthetics (published by CNR). She loves spending time in landfills and in a city’s rawest Asian districts, the only places where she finds elegance.

Fabio Venturi

Fabio has created multi-media and interactive video installations for theaters, exhibitions, national and international events; he has shot and directed documentary films, short films and background videos for concerts and theater productions, collaborating on several projects in the art, culture and entertainment industries.